Plasser & Theurer – the No.1 in measuring technology

Plasser & Theurer has many years of experience in the field of measuring track, rail and catenary wire structure and offers industrially manufactured track recording cars with full know-how on track behavior and track maintenance. 

More than 180 industrially manufactured track recording cars for inspection and condition-analysis of rail networks, put into operation in the last 35 years, have greatly contributed to the wealth of experience and the sophisticated design of the “travelling recording laboratory” built by Plasser & Theurer.

The technical development began with mechanical measuring systems. Here a great deal of know-how about the specific parameters of track measuring technology was accumulated in cooperation with specialists from railways and research institutes.

Non-contacting measuring systems have been in use for around 20 years and supply valuable results. This technology was adopted in 1992 when the EM250 high-speed track recording coach was built for ÖBB. This vehicle was already ahead of its time when it was commissioned and since then has been developed continually by Plasser & Theurer according to the requirements of the ÖBB specialists. Along with the ÖBB data management, it represents a milestone in track recording to this day.

Subsequently, Plasser & Theurer has built more than 50 recording cars equipped with non-contacting systems in different models and for various measuring speeds. These systems were first used only for higher measuring speeds. The advantages became increasingly clearer, supported by the technical development in measuring technology and the cost development, and the systems were soon used in all vehicle and measuring categories.

Apart from the economic advantage there are also technical reasons for acquiring all necessary measuring data in as few measuring runs as possible. Therefore, many Plasser & Theurer recording cars have a multi-functional character. The sensible combination and integration of all measuring and inspection tasks is an essential component when it comes to planning and designing a track recording car. Today, multi-functional recording vehicles that can record a variety of parameters are state of the art.

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