Variable equipment

In order to increase the output of ballast regulating machines, we offer a range of extensions and additional work units. We are happy to advise you on the choice of additional elements.


  • Front plough
  • Slewing limitation for shoulder ploughs
  • Tungsten carbide wearing parts for the ploughs


  • Ballast hopper with floor conveyor belt
  • Noise protection


  • Sweeper brush unit with a divided transverse conveyor belt for simultaneous discharge to the side in both directions
  • Sweeper brush elements for different types of sleeper (wood/concrete) or work on turnouts
  • Sound-insulating encasement for sweeper unit and ballast hopper
  • Dust arresting atomiser unit with a water tank
  • Fine sweeper brush
  • Trailer with second sweeper brush and crane for the switchover between concrete and wooden sleepers or for sweeping turnouts
  • Sweeper trailer with second sweeper unit


  • Rail fastening brushes
  • Reverse travel monitoring with automatic trigger of a machine stop at obstacles
  • Ballast profile measurement for acceptance and documentation of the ballast cross-section

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