Ballast regulating as an integrated process

As well as avoiding hindrances to traffic operations, full utilisation of the track possessions contributes significantly to lowering the overall worksite costs. Combining ballast regulating methods is one option to optimise the work processes.

Incorporating ballast regulating in track and turnout tamping machines or dynamic track stabilizers helps to shorten worksite occupation and reduce maintenance costs. This is a major advantage, even on short worksites (spot maintenance).

We offer a range of machine models with integrated ballast regulating.


Multi-purpose machines built in articulated design combine all important jobs on the track. The two-axle front wagon carries the ploughing equipment. This is used to fill the tamping zones with ballast before tamping work commences. The shoulder ploughs draw the ballast up from the ballast shoulders and the ballast crown plough distributes the material uniformly over the entire width. The integrated trailer behind the tamping section carries the sweeper unit as well as the driver’s cabin.

With three operators, the combined tamping machine is able to profile the ballast bed completely autonomously, to level, line and tamp the track in order to correct faults and to achieve a stable track with a clean ballast surface. Tamping and profiling work is performed consecutively.


Due to their compact design and universal application, these multi-purpose machines are ideally suited for carrying out operations at short notice and spot repair of short track geometry faults. They perform all ­major maintenance operations on tracks and turnouts: measuring, lifting, levelling, lining, tamping, ploughing, sweeping and recording the track geometry.


In principle, dynamic track stabilisation can be incorporated easily into other continuous action track maintenance machines. Machines for ballast bed profiling are highly suited due to their continuous working action. Examples include the KSP 2000 stabilising and profiling machine or the KVP-S integrated dynamic track stabilizer.

These machines combine several stages of work for optimum and comprehensive finishing of the track after tamping work.

With the functions of ballast distributing, profiling and stabilising, an outstanding initial quality can be achieved following track maintenance work. These machines bring savings in personnel as well as savings in the number of machines used and therefore also simpler worksite management.

The integrated dynamic track stabilizer increases the track’s resistance to lateral displacement after track maintenance and, due to an intentional, controlled initial settlement of the ballast, raises the quality of the track geometry, thus extending the intervals between maintenance.

Maintenance with integrated ballast regulating in the urban sector

We also offer powerful multi-purpose machines with noise protection for working in urban districts or built-up areas. These machines are fitted with tamping units for maintaining tracks and turnouts and equipped with a plough and sweeper trailer. The area around the tamping and lifting units is fitted with sound-insulating panels that can be lifted and lowered hydraulically as well as a dust arresting atomiser unit. The entire sweeper unit is also sound-insulated. This significantly reduces any noise nuisance during operations. This equipment permits versatile application.

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