The ballast regulating machine – an important link

Machines for distributing and profiling the track ballast are often overshadowed by other track maintenance machines. For no sound reason, because the work they do makes an important contribution to the overall mechanised system.

Ballast distributing and profiling machines have become a firm feature of modern track laying and track maintenance. They are used in conjunction with many different construction projects.

Examples include:

  • ballast regulating as part of maintenance operations,
  • ballast distribution on newly laid track,
  • sweeping of turnouts and
  • accurate displacement of ballast.

The possible range of application for ballast profiling machines is extensive.


Selecting the right machine is very important. We offer different models and equipment that meet a wide range of requirements.


The large number of well thought-out details is perhaps not always apparent at first sight. But these detail solutions help to ensure that the work is completed on time and the results are of high quality.


The maintenance of a track requires a number of work sequences. The better these technologies act together, the higher the achievable work output, the quality of work and ultimately the cost-efficiency will be. We offer machines that are well coordi­nated to each other in a variety of output categories.

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