The BDS 2000 ballast management system is in a league of its own among the ballast regulation machines.

The BDS (ballast distribution system) is characterised as a ballast saving machine and uses existing resources in a unique way. As it regulates the track, it picks up and stores surplus ballast. The storage capacity can be expanded by adding material conveyor and hopper units (MFS).

Via various chutes and conveyor belts, the material is placed wherever there is a lack of ballast. The BDS system enables effective and cost-efficient relocation of large quantities of ballast in the track network. This achieves uniform ballasting of the entire working area. This accelerates the working output of the track tamping machine and ensures lasting quality of the track geometry.

Experience gained by railways around the world has shown that this machine system considerably reduces the amount of new ballast required and offers an enormous potential for savings. The BDS 2000 ballast management system can be used on newly laid track, for track maintenance and also in turnouts. The system is just as suitable for the displacement of ballast as for the final deep sweeping and fine sweeping with its extremely powerful sweeper units.

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