Versatile operation due to flexible transfer

Self-loading ballast regulating machines facilitate the access to rail networks that are not linked – such as in the urban sector, on industrial track or when transferring from one worksite to another independently of the timetable.

For self-loading ballast profiling machines we offer the perfect solution. Four lifting cylinders and a hydraulic turntable guarantee easy loading onto the flat-bed trailer of a lorry for transfer by road independent of the rail network. Conversely, the machines can be re-railed onto the track without any external loading aid or be turned in the track, using the turntable, to change the direction of travel.


In the same way as for the rail-mounted designs, there are also optimum solutions for different areas of application in this segment.

Smaller, self-loading ballast distributing and profiling machines such as the PBR 202 ZW are available for flexible, localised ­operations. Their equipment is designed for carrying out the basic tasks of ballast regulating.

Larger machines with integrated ballast hopper for additional tasks are also available in self-loading design – e.g. the USP 403 ZW ballast plough. This efficient machine can also be loaded onto a road-going flat-bed trailer, making it easy to reach worksites located in self-contained lines. The ballast hopper with a storage capacity of 4.5 m3 for intermediate storage of the ballast collected offers the required capacity, even for larger worksites.

In addition to self-loading tamping machines we also offer self-loading ballast regulating and consolidating machines (e.g. PBR-V 500 ZW). As a special application for ballast handling, it combines two work processes: high-performance ballast regulating and profiling with consolidation of the sleeper cribs.

Together with the tamping machine, the PBR-V 500 ZW forms an MDZ (mechanised maintenance train) for 1000 mm narrow gauge. With this train you can perform all tasks for maintenance of the track in one work process and thus achieve high-quality results.

Loading the machines

Thanks to a turntable with hydraulic cylinders in the middle of the machine, the ballast regulating machine can be raised at a suitable location and turned around 90 degrees to the centreline of the track. Using four hydraulic lifting cylinders, the machine is raised without any external loading devices. A flat-bed trailer drives underneath. The machine is lowered and secured on the flat-bed trailer.

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