Works to be performed when installing new overhead line systems

  • Setting the masts using the MAGE 75 – for small masts, motor tower cars can be used as well; compressed-air connections help for breaking work
  • Mounting the fittings
  • Mounting the insulators
  • Mounting the cantilevers
  • Installing the carrying cable
  • Installing the contact wire – Using a catenary installation machine (FUM) the contact wire is installed with final nominal tension, therefore, no stretching break is needing (see articles "Tension in every phase")
  • Mounting the droppers (possibly prefabricated)
  • Mounting the contact rails (if necessary) in tunnels
  • Measuring the position of the contact wire – statically or dynamically (e.g. vertical and lateral position of the contact wire with increased contact pressure of the pantograph)
  • Contact wire alignment positioning tower enabling easy measuring during assembly

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