MTW 100 in the Swiss Alps

A six-axle design of the MTW 100 motor tower car was supplied to Rhätische Bahn in Switzerland. This narrow gauge railway with a network of 384 km leads to important places in the Swiss Alps such as St. Moritz, the famous winter sport resort. This rail network passes over 582 bridges and through 114 tunnels.

Equipment features of the MTW 100.160

  • Special design for narrow gauge (1,000 mm)
  • Three powered bogies
  • Designed for a minimum travel radius of just 40 m and operation between 500 m and 2,250 m above sea level
  • Railway loading crane with crane cabin incl. counterweight
  • Elevating work platform
  • Multiple braking system incl. electromagnetic rail brake
  • Diesel preheating
  • Towed load up to 100 t

This MTW 100 was built specially to travel on steep gradients and to negotiate tight curves. It is equipped with three powered bogies. Sanding units on all wheels ensure the traction in all gradient areas of the network. A magnetic rail brake ensures additional security. Extensive superstructures such as measuring pantograph, freely moving elevating work platform and rail loading crane produce an excellent foundation for all jobs in the catenary sector.

Troubleshooting: high priority especially on commuter lines

Very often the routes, like the above example, have special features: for example a small track gauge, tight curves, steep gradients and the need for versatile machines for track maintenance.

The Plasser & Theurer development teams always endeavour to draw up a machine concept that exactly suits the specifications of the customer.

This close cooperation leads to long-standing partnerships and contributes towards the commercial success of the rail operator.

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