Operational safety

To perform work on the overhead line system quickly and efficiently, but above all safely, our machines of the MTW series are equipped with numerous safety devices

High sure-footedness and working safety

To provide greatest possible safety to the operating staff when working in adverse weather conditions (wind, rain, etc.), external steps are covered with corrugated plates to prevent slipping. A folding or removable safety railing and handles at the access steps reduce the personnel’s risk of falling during work.

Highest level of stability of the machine

When using the elevating work platform or the railway loading crane, one of the two bogies can be locked hydraulically (locking of the suspension) to ensure the required stability.

The control system calculates the load distribution of the machine-mounted equipment taking the environment into account (e.g. track geometry, wind). To ensure a maximum radius of action support legs can be used.

Remote control with safety devices

Using the remote control, sufficient safety distance can be kept to the machine when the crane is in operation. A safety device prevents parallel operation and thus ensures that the crane or the elevating work platform cannot be used by two operators at the same time. The crawler speed can also be controlled using the remote control. If the lever of the remote control is released (intentionally or not) the machine will decelerate automatically and will come to a standstill.

The remote control is equipped with two driver’s safety buttons. One of them must be pressed to release the work functions. Instead of driver’s safety buttons, an inclination switch can be installed as well. It prevents accidental movements, e.g. if the operator passes out. Alternatively, an automatic key lock can be used. It will release the control once the driver’s safety button has been pressed. If no reaction is made within a defined period of time, the functions will be locked.

Emergency stop

Foresighted measures can prevent damage to both machine and personnel. At start of work, the operator defines the height limitation and the slewing limitation. Under live catenary, the selectable height limitation protects the operator from electrocution. The slewing limitation that can be used for both sides ensures safety in the work area when trains are running on the adjacent track.

The machine is equipped with sufficient emergency stop buttons, e.g. at the radio remote controls, on the platform, etc., to stop the machine if unforeseeable events occur.

Safety devices on catenary installation machines of the FUM series

To ensure functionality and safety even in unforeseeable events certain thresholds that trigger compulsory measures when exceeded are monitored in the central electronic unit. When the hydraulic pressure falls below a preselected percentage, such as in the event of a wire break, the brakes of the friction winch and the undercarriage are activated automatically. When the pre-selected tension is exceeded, a warning signal is given allowing the operator to react manually. However, a further increase triggers the activation of all brakes and the stop of work.

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