Experiences gained around the world

Machines operated worldwide serve as an example of the versatile design and stand for a decisive requirement: Cost-effective overhead line construction requires efficient work technologies.

Since the 1980s, Plasser & Theurer has supplied almost 400 machines for overhead line construction and maintenance. The high return on investment factor resulting from an increased output of catenary installation machines (FUM) shows economic potential. At the same time, the quality of work can be increased. Thus, the initial quality of the overhead line system is optimised.

The operating conditions are versatile. We manufacture catenary work machines (MTW) for all climatic conditions – whether tropical or Arctic temperature zones. Steep gradients and short curve radii can be negotiated as well as guidelines regarding tractive force and superstructures.

Time is money – immediate intervention in cases of emergency saves both. As a result, many railway administrations and private companies rely on durable high-quality machines made by Plasser & Theurer. Your benefit is our objective.

At Plasser & Theurer we are happy to help you perform your tasks in the installation and maintenance of overhead lines as efficiently as possible.

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