Examples from practical operation

Fast intervention vehicle for fast operations

China Railway Corporation CRC is setting up a nationwide service network for the overhead line on high-speed lines. A series of motor tower cars, type MTW 160, is made available in the entire country so that, at the final stage of the project, possible work sites can be reached within one hour.

When travelling to the work site, every minute counts. The new fast intervention vehicles enable travelling speeds of up to 160 km/h. Therefore, high-quality chassis, drive shafts and engines are required. When constructing such high-speed vehicles, we benefit from our experiences with track recording cars. A distance between bogie pivots of 17 m as well as air sprung bogies, developed for considerably higher speeds, enable safe and comfortable travel. This means it is possible to pre-assemble components in the workshop room of the machine while travelling to the work site. For this purpose, compressed air and high-voltage current are supplied.

We care about the safety of the personnel. Once the work site has been reached, the operating concept provides maximum safety as the technicians don’t have to leave the machine. The machine roof can be reached via access steps located inside the machine. Folding railings and non-slip steps guarantee access to the elevating work platforms. During working operation, the machine can be controlled by remote control from the elevating work platform. The entire working area of the machine is equipped with lighting systems and spotlights.

It is possible to adapt the equipment in the best possible way to any operational scenario. The spacious cabin structure offers sufficient space for the operating crew and all the staff facilities required.

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