Tamping units for all fields of application

Reliability and optimum output proven in operation worldwide

Tamping units are the core components of our machines. They determine not only the function of the machine but also its productivity and cost-efficiency. The well-proven dependability and operating reliability of our tamping units contributes significantly to ensuring cost-efficient track maintenance.

More than 200 variations of tamping units are manufactured exclusively in the main factory in Linz. There is hardly any customer requirement we cannot meet. This alone shows the technological progress that has been made since the first hydraulic tamping unit was built in the early 1950s.

Today, we offer a complete range of tamping units for all fields of track and turnout maintenance, classified according to output and performance requirements.

Choosing the right tamping technology

The required tamping performance per time unit determines the size of the tamping unit. For this purpose, a high annual output may be just as crucial as short track possessions on high-capacity lines. Cyclic action or continuous action machines with 1-sleeper or multiple sleeper tamping provide an extensive offer to choose from.

The design of the units depends on the track conditions such as sleeper spacings, types of sleeper, power rails, etc.

The field of application is yet another selection criterion. Will the machine be used to tamp tracks, turnouts or – highly universally – both? When opting for a turnout tamping machine, the type of turnout is decisive: The offer ranges from machines and units for maintaining simple, small wooden-sleepered turnouts, to machines and units for long, heavy high-speed turnouts with concrete sleepers.

Our extensive range of equipment allows a selective and individual adaptation to all requirements. All tamping machines stand out due to the sturdy construction of the frame, the undercarriage and the use of hydraulic drives for the work units. Spacious drive and work cabins and ergonomically designed operator’s desks with an excellent view onto the track and working area make the machine operators’ work easier while increasing quality and speed.

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