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Reliability and precision are based on the high demands we place on quality

We only use maximum product quality. The high availability and the long service life of our tamping machines have proven this again and again.

The high percentage of in-house manufacturing is crucial for the high quality of the machines. The majority of the parts used in the work units, hydraulic elements or bogies – about 90 % of components based on drawings – are produced in-house.

All the electronic control and measuring systems used on our tamping machines have been developed in-house. It goes without saying that the maximum quality of raw materials and sub-contracted parts is equally important to us.


Varying operating conditions and diverse safety standards require different machine designs. Track gauges ranging from 600 mm to 1678 mm or varying climatic conditions, under which the machines have to operate, call for customised solutions.

However, the individual requirements of our customers matter the most to us. Our competence and expertise enables us to find the most cost-efficient solution.

Regardless of the track conditions or the geographic and climatic conditions to be met, we offer innovative solutions that allow choosing the right tamping machine. A comprehensive range of machines makes it possible to find the right machine for high-capacity lines as well as for industrial railways and light rail or metro systems.

A comprehensive range of machines makes it possible to find the right machine for high-capacity lines as well as for industrial railways and light rail or metro systems.


More than 8,200 tamping machines are operated worldwide, proving the high quality of our tamping technology. Equipped with our tamping units, these machines have carried out around 30 billion tamping insertions. We can use the valuable experience and expertise gained from their operation for the design and manufacture of new machines.


Our engineering pool of highly qualified experts in diverse fields ensures the continuous further development of our technologies. We offer innovations that counteract the rising pressure on costs both in the short term and the long term. Current developments in the service life of tamping tines prove this.


Our service partners based all over the world provide maintenance services such as repairs and overhauls in well-proven Plasser & Theurer quality. In addition, the supply of original spare parts is crucial: more than 60,000 different parts are always held in stock in Linz – ready for dispatch to all parts of the world.

Our major goal is ensuring both your satisfaction and the availability of our products for as long as your machine will be in operation.

To ensure that a machine meets the demands on working quality during its entire service life, repairs or complete overhauls of the unit are required from time to time – in addition to regular servicing. Moreover, this ensures that the machine works efficiently.


  • Durable consolidation thanks to consistent tamping parameters
  • High-quality, reliable materials
  • Accurate manufacturing quality
  • Efficient and environmentally friendly use of resources
  • Ergonomic design and safety for the machine personnel
  • Environmentally friendly equipment and noise reducing measures
  • 60 years of experience gained worldwide
  • Continuous further development
  • More than 8,200 Plasser & Theurer tamping machines in operation worldwide
  • Around 30 billion tamping insertions prove the high quality
  • Plasser & Theurer tamping technology – THE standard

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