Integration of other stages of work

Increases in efficiency thanks to synchronised work sequences

The three major elements of the MDZ mechanised maintenance train – tamping machine, ballast regulating machine, dynamic track stabilizer – can be excellently combined in different tamping machine designs. The selective combination of separate functions brings considerable savings.

Dynamic track stabilisation is an additional function that is used on both track and turnout tamping machines. A controlled initial settlement raises the track’s resistance to lateral displacement and increases the stability of the track geometry. Intervals between maintenance can be extended without risking the safety of the train services.

Integrated sweeper units pick up surplus ballast, store it in the hopper and place it in the track in metered quantities wherever required. Profiling units and ploughs distribute the ballast and place it in the tamping zones. To complete the track maintenance measure, simple sweeper units thoroughly sweep the track or the turnout.


Turnout and track maintenance machines, such as the Unimat 09-475/4S N-Dynamic, combine the functions of three machines: ballasting, tamping, profiling, stabilising and control measuring. This simplifies work site logistics significantly and results in a high savings potential.

In one single working pass, these machines perform the complete and technologically correct work sequence for the maintenance of turnouts and tracks. Despite the variety of functions, their operation is simple and clearly structured thanks to up-to-date control engineering with menu-assisted user guidance.

Benefits of combined machines

  • Productivity
    Track possessions are utilised more efficiently as the work output is raised.
  • Maintenance quality
    The technologically correct sequence of work stages within one system increases the quality.
  • Optimisation of costs
    Transfer costs as well as personnel and administrative costs can be minimised. The machines can be used more often and more flexibly.
  • Competence
    The machine personnel broadens their technical knowledge thanks to the operation of several work units. The contractor benefits from the extended range of services.

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