Further development

High-Capacity – Precision – Reliability. Extensive product enhancement ensures that future tasks can be handled.

The well-known reliability of the MFS units made by Plasser & Theurer is guaranteed last but not least on the basis of continual improvements and extensions.

  • Simplification of error diagnosis and repairs on site due to the programmable logic controller Plasser Intelligent Control P-IC
  • Improvement of the control technology for the combination of an MFS train with the main machine
  • Automation of the work sequences
  • The loading and unloading processes can be controlled using a remote control
  • Improvement of the automatic super­elevation compensation
  • Installation of maintenance-free batteries


Material conveyor and hopper units of the latest generation are equipped with the programmable logic controller ­Plasser Intelligent Control P-IC. This offers many advantages but is still compatible with ­Plasser & Theurer machines of earlier generations. The advantages on the technical side are that operations monitoring and the error diagnostic system directly on the machine are greatly simplified. It also offers far simpler operating controls for daily operation on the work site. This is achieved mainly due to the incorporation of a display panel in the control unit at the operator’s desk.

Thanks to this control developed by Plasser & Theurer, the operator is navigated by simple menus to the various areas of the controls. This helps considerably to increase the availability because in the case of operating errors, for example, the problem can be found and solved quickly directly on the work site. Moreover, it enhances the safety because this can be carried out from a protected control desk.

The system also offers extensive options for upgrading. For example, thanks to data linking, the diagnosis and control tasks can be transferred to the central cabin of the main machine.


During the storage process the floor ­conveyor belt is moved forwards gradually to achieve a continuous and even filling of the hopper. This specific movement of the floor conveyor belt is controlled by the automatic filling device. With the help of radar sensors the interior of the hopper is scanned and the required forward motion is calculated from this. In combination with the individual machine controls it is therefore possible to automate the loading and unloading processes of entire MFS trains.

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