Bringing large quantities of material onto the rail

During construction and rehabilitation projects on the railway enormous quantities of material are moved in short time windows.

Sophisticated machine systems for ballast bed cleaning and formation rehabilitation make this possible: thousands of cubic metres of excavated material are loaded. New material is brought to the construction gap on schedule. Smooth progress of work of the construction project while keeping within the time schedule has high priority because, for economical operation, the availability of the railway line is a basic necessity for the transport of passengers and freight.

New technologies for on-track cleaning and recycling of ballast and subgrade material bring high quantities of reclaimed material and contribute towards a responsible utilisation of available resources. Nonetheless, material logistics for supply and evacuation, adapted to the respective project, have a decisive influence on the progress of work and the duration of the construction project


Only a working machine is of use to the railway system and to the track contractor. Interruptions due to the evacuation of excavated material or waiting time due to a lack of new material lead to undesirable delays. The modular MFS series was developed with the aim of raising the efficiency. These are hopper units for the controlled loading, conveying, storing and discharging of material – as an extension of the production line of the track under repair. The adjacent track always remains open for traffic!

Adapted to the volume of the construction project, an MFS train is put together which serves either to load the spoil or to supply the new material. There are also many other fields of application for the MFS units.

A single component, such as one MFS unit, can contribute towards the overall success because a minor factor quickly becomes
a major topic when the worksite comes to a standstill!

Therefore, ­Plasser & Theurer has given this product line a great deal of attention. The continuing further development and detailed improvement is reflected in the ­reliability and longevity of the MFS units.


Material conveyor and hopper units (MFS) are versatile in operation. On the following double page spreads, you will see at the foot of the page examples of typical constellations of MFS units with different machines
to perform various kinds of jobs.

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