The APT 1500 R welding robot – a technological advance in mobile flash-butt welding

Many years of application have shown that the flash-butt welding technology is the best method for welding rails permanently and sustainably.

Introduced in 2009, the European standard EN 14587-2 has raised the requirements to be met by mobile flash-butt welding systems. High speeds, heavy axle loads, high traffic density, little time for servicing and maintenance: that is the reality in modern high-capacity traffic on the rail, which only became possible with the introduction of continuous welded track.

Why flash-butt welding?

Welding material = rail material

The flash-butt welding technology uses the rail material as welding material.

As no foreign material is added, the progression of the weld is fully homogeneous, without significant interruptions in the hardness curve of the rail. The heat-affected zone is limited to the smallest possible area. In addition, the automation of the welding process ensures a consistently high level of welding quality. Exact settings enable not only a uniform, high quality but also allow for checking and evaluating the weld immediately.

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