The APT 1500 R is the new standard

The APT 1500 R is the new mobile automatic welding robot by Plasser & Theurer. It has set new standards in technology and welding quality.

The welding robot allows for the automated geometrical alignment of the rails and welds them automatically without manual interaction. This results in a high reproducible welding quality. Closure welding is an integral feature of the newly developed welding robot. The rail pulling device has been integrated into the welding head. Its pulling force is 1500 kN.

Auxiliary clamps lift the rails into the welding head. Rigid rail head stops and the automatic alignment of the running edges place them into position. A special measuring system monitors the rails continuously.

Welding is carried out without an additional rail-pulling device.

At the same time, the welding robot records and stores all parameters crucial to welding. The welding current is transmitted to the rail web, reducing grinding works prior to welding.

Thanks to the design of the universal clamping jaws, it is no longer necessary to grind off the maker’s marks (rolling marks) on the rail web.

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