Quality from the outset as an economic factor

Today, the sophisticated interplay between a pantograph and the overhead line has reached a high level of development enabling travelling speeds of 350 km/h and higher to be reached.

Every part in the overhead line system is of critical importance. Scientific research is used to develop and produce contact wires achieving a long service life (high stability).

In addition to selecting high-quality components, choosing the technologically correct installation method is crucial. Only by securing the best possible initial quality, can this production quality be used for as long as possible.

Existing overhead line systems require fast intervention if emergencies occur given that regardless of their causes, operational failures are costly. Even for scheduled maintenance there is usually only little time. Using the time windows available as efficiently as possible without losses in quality poses a challenge to both staff and machine.

Since 1953, Plasser & Theurer has set store by quality cutting costs. This is true for both tracks and overhead lines. Experience has shown that investing in the best possible initial quality pays off. On the following pages we provide you with information allowing you to form your own opinion. Numerous examples from practical operation give an overview of solid experience and well-proven technologies.