Criteria for the configuration of maintenance vehicles

The design of the right machine can vary greatly and depends on several factors.

Important factors at a glance

  • Field of application: What is the distance between the individual supporting points in the rail network?
  • Time frame: When must the machine be on site? What transfer speed is required?
  • Operational safety: Works on the overhead line system expose the personnel to high stresses. An enclosed working environment with the required equipment and safety devices prevents accidents and increases productivity. Is space for a workshop or crew facilities required?
  • Work technology: Which areas within the overhead line system must be reached? Which works should be performed by the machine? Will the machine be used to transport material?
  • Quality requirements: Are quality assurance devices, such as measuring equipment for documenting work results, required

Size, weight and output of a MTW motor tower car depend on several factors. The defined fields of application determine the machine-mounted equipment and the space needed.

In addition to the working units, drive technology and running technology are important. The user predefines the possible fields of application.

A MTW can be used

  • for overhead line construction
  • for overhead line maintenance
  • for inspection and intervention