Examples from practical operation

Machines that withstand the cold

The Norwegian railway network covers more than 4,200 kilometres of track and of these more 2,800 kilometres are electrified. For maintenance and fast repair of disruptions, motor tower cars, type MTW 100 JBV, are operated as fast intervention vehicles.

On behalf of the Ministry of Transport and Communication, the Norwegian railway authority Jernbaneverket is responsible for the administration, development and operation of the national railway network. The demand for machines designed for works on the overhead line systems equipped with the latest technology has risen in railway operation.

The biggest challenge are winter temperatures of up to minus 40 degrees in Norway. Snow lying on the machine starts to melt when travelling through one of the more than 700 tunnels of the Norwegian rail network. As thick layers of ice can form after leaving tunnels, the machines must be specially equipped for these extreme conditions. This equipment includes a preheating device for the interior, the engine and the hydraulic system.

These fast intervention vehicles are used mainly for the repair of disruptions and in emergencies. Thanks to transfer speeds of up to 120 km/h, full illumination of the working area and safety equipment for the operators, these machines are perfectly suited for all kinds of operations – also at night. Two of these machines have already been equipped with ETCS European Train Control System.

Equipment features of the MTW 100 JBV

  • Heavy-duty and freely moving elevating work platform and railway loading crane
  • Direct access to the machine roof from the cabin
  • User-friendly equipment (staff facilities, kitchen, WC, etc.)
  • High tractive force (second engine can be added)
  • Illumination of the working areas
  • Extensive camera systems
  • Special equipment for low outside temperatures
  • Heating of the entire machine via heat exchange systems of the engine cooling