Exchange of 1,200 defective welded joints using the APT 1500 RC

The welding machine in container design offers a high level of flexibility. It can be used for stationary operation or on a flat-bed trailer.

The main line of the Georgian Railway is an important link between the Caspian Sea and the Black Sea. Moreover, this West-East connection provides a link for freight traffic and passenger traffic between Europe and Asia.

To repair 1,200 defective welded joints on a track section of 25 km, the APT 1500 RC welding machine in container design was delivered to the Georgian Railway in June 2014.

The high manufacturing quality and the unique advantages of our welding robot such as automatic centring of running edges, automated work sequence, 1,000 Hz technology, closure welding and certification as per EN14587-2, have convinced the customer of our product.

The welding head of the APT 1500 RC and all its components – drive engine, generator and electronic controls – are mounted on a standard container (30 ft or 9,125 mm).

In Georgia, a flat-bed trailer is used as a carrier vehicle for the machine. Alternatively, the container can be transported to the work site using a semi-trailer truck. The welding robot enables most of the works to be performed automatically.